Mobi Docs

Contextual content in the palm of their hand.

Create and build fully trackable invoices, statements and more using our easy-to-use Mobi Docs. Then simply attach to outgoing SMS’s for deeper mobile engagements. Elevate your customer experience with personalised, interactive HTML documents sent straight to their mobile phones.

Create rich, trackable engagement within one simple SMS

Maximise the power of SMS by attaching urgent documents, statements or special offers to your outgoing messages. Reach your customers on the channel they know, love and access multiple times a day.

Documents, Statements and content reliably delivered within a simple SMS.

Drive engagement and improve the ROI of your SMS by attaching urgent documents, statements or special offers to your messaging to reach your customers on the channel they have already come to love.

Building your own templates is easy

Create customised templates for all your important business documents so you can send invoices and statements instantly via SMS. Reach your customers in the most reliable way for improved payment turnaround times and increased cash flow.

Tracking and analytics like never before

Track and analyse exactly who opens and views your documents – allowing streamlined follow-up’s on late payments, as well as targeted customer support for maximum ROI.

Build a better way to connect

01Use the same familiar API

With Mobi Docs, there’s no need for extra integrations. Create and attach important documents to your SMSs using the same API that does your sending. Same friendly technology with value-added functionality.

02Create anything you can imagine

Use our powerful doc builder to create the engaging, targeted content your business needs. Conveniently hosted on an HTML webpage, it’s accessible to customers in just one click.

03Boost customer experiences

Change the way your customers connect with you by sending important information straight to their phones. Whether it’s invoices, statements, surveys or special offers - delight your customers with convenience at their fingertips.

04Save your budget

Get more bang for your buck with Mobi Docs. Offering cost-effective rates, it’s just another way we like to help you improve your customers’ experience. After all, a happy customer means a happy business.

All the more reason for Mobi Docs

Safe & Secure

All data is safe - with password protection on all documents and SSL-encrypted hyperlinks for guaranteed security.


Up to 6 times cheaper than MMS and still beats the costs of traditional print and postage. Save your money for where it’s important.

Targeted Marketing

Sustain excellent customer service and improve ROI by using individualised data for targeted marketing - all within the HTML.


Go paperless and show your allegiance to the environment with electronic documents that don’t pose a threat to the planet.

Interested in Mobi Docs?

Let's take your customer experience to the next level and maximise the power of a simple SMS with trackable engagement.