Reverse Billed SMS

You can’t put a price on brand loyalty.

Reverse Billed SMS inspires brand loyalty by allowing your customers to engage with you whenever they need to - free of charge. Keep the conversation going by letting your customers reply to SMS, while your business carries the cost on their behalf.

Small price to pay for big ROI

Consumers having limited to no airtime is an everyday reality – especially in emerging markets. Reverse Billed SMS lets you pay for customer replies so that they don’t have to. By creating an inclusive environment that enables seamless internal communication, you’re building brand affinity – which is priceless.

Free conversations

Brand interaction should come at no cost to your customers. Encourage conversations and increase engagement by allowing them to speak freely without barriers. You pay the bill and earn customer loyalty.

Niche product to mainstream

What was once considered a niche product is fast becoming the norm. Just one example is the Financial Services Board (FSB) who has made it compulsory for insurance marketers to reverse all customer messaging costs.

Why reverse bill your SMSes?

01Empowered conversations

Don’t let airtime barriers prevent you from reaching your audience. Reverse billing to your account lets you engage more with your customers and reduces the risk of losing them.

02Compliance is key

If you’re in the insurance sector, it’s vital to comply with policyholder protection rules. The FSB has made it mandatory for all insurers to provide their customers with free SMS responses and opt-outs.

03Quick set-up & activation

Simply drop us a mail at to discuss and activate Reverse Billed SMS on your account.

04Retain loyal customers for longer

Customer experience is the backbone of your business. By reversing the bills, you solidify your market positioning by showing that you take consumer engagement seriously.

Reverse bill your account

Want to cultivate and maintain brand loyalty at all costs? Contact our sales team to help you set up Reverse Billed SMS today.