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SMSPortal teams up with the Animal Anti-Cruelty League in Paterson

posted February 8, 2018

A feel good story always goes a long way and the work the wonderful people of the Animal Anti-Cruelty League do to protect and care for animals around the country cannot go unmentioned.

The SMSPortal team came across an article in the Herald newspaper earlier this month and decided to step in. A donation of R15 000 was made towards helping the AACL care for and return the sterilized animals to Paterson. Blankets, food and collars were handed out and names taken down for the next mini-spayathon.

Some of the SMSPortal team took time out of their day to travel to the AACL in Port Elizabeth to visit the animals and make the official donations.

Linda-Louise Swain of the AACL was ecstatic with the donation and added:

There will be many happy dogs, with full tummies who will no longer be subjected to a life of overbreeding and neglect. Kudos to SMSPortal for recognising the need in Paterson.

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