Our humble beginnings started with an idea.

Like most businesses, we started small with a big dream. Unlike most, we are a completely bootstrapped company and grew through pure organic growth. We went from a garage start-up to Africa’s largest cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS) aggregator and now we are taking on the world.

Our headquarters in Cape Town, and after 18 years and counting we have become an integral part of Africa’s cloud communications (CPaaS) industry as we continue to innovate and move with our ever changing customer base. We believe in a mobile first world and our passion for giving our customers the best possible products and services to engage with theirs is what we thrive on.

“The largest of its kind in Africa”

– Forbes

How we became Africa’s largest cloud communications specialist

From start-up to leading messaging specialist our journey has been innovative and exciting. “We live in a mobile first world, and we intend to keep following our passion to providing the best possible cloud communication solutions to keep the industry exploding with innovation.”

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Affiliations & Milestones

The Campaign Registry

The Campaign Registry is a reputation authority for business messaging on 10DLC

Mobile Ecosystem Forum Member

MEF is the governing body of the international mobile ecosystem.

Africa's largest aggregator

We continue to champion the market as Africa’s leading cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS) aggregator.

WASPA Member

WASPA is a as a regulatory body regulating Value Added Services (VAS) within the mobile industry.

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Black economic empowerment

We are a BEE Level 2 & 30% Black Woman owned business and support Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), a government policy to advance economic transformation. View our BEE certificate.