How a Landing Page will boost your next SMS campaign

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Women receiving SMS Landing Page about a 50% off sale offer

Here’s a straightforward guide on why Landing Pages are crucial to your campaign, how they fit into the customer journey, and the essentials of crafting an effective one.

What is a Landing Pages?

A Landing Page is a custom web page that visitors arrive at after clicking a link in your SMS. Unlike general websites, our Landing Pages are designed with a single focus or goal. This focus helps your customers towards making a decision, like a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or registering for an event.

The Customer Journey: From SMS, to Landing Page, to Conversion

A water tight customer journey is one that gives your customers everything they need to get from A to B without any distractions.

The journey starts with an SMS sent to your potential customers. This SMS includes a compelling message along with a link to your Landing Page. 

SMS enjoys a 98% open rate, and a Landing Page lets your customers explore your offer in real-time and make a decision in that very micro-moment.

A great customer experience is one that gives your customers only what they need, and should make it easy to convert, the second they are ready to. 

How to build an effective Landing Page:

  • Visual Appeal: It starts with attractive and relevant visuals to grab attention and convey your message efficiently. This could include product images, infographics, or videos​​​​​​. And if you’re not feeling creative, we have some creative templates to choose from.
  • Clear Call to Action (CTA): The CTA is the heart of your Landing Page. It should be clear, compelling, and easy to find. If your message is about a sale, make sure the CTA leads directly to purchasing the sale items​​​​.
  • Simplicity and Clarity: Keep the content concise and to the point. Avoid unnecessary information that could distract your visitor from the main message​​​​.
  • Personalization and Relevance: Always make your content relevant to your customer. Tailor the Landing Page content to match the message of the SMS. This reassures your visitors that they’ve come to the right place​​​​.

A well designed, relevant, and personalized Landing Page will significantly enhance your customer engagement. 

And that means sky rocketing your conversion rates. Turning your SMS into revenue 🙂

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