Landing Pages

Supercharge your ROI with Landing Pages.

Turn your SMSes into a media-rich brand experience in a matter of minutes. Attach customised mobile webpages to your messages with beautiful design templates and simple drag-and-drop functionality. Send at scale and receive the same real-time tracking analytics you’ve come to know and love.

So, what is a Landing Page?

LANDING PAGE (definition): A mobile webpage that gets attached to your SMS. Adds personalised visual content to your message – boosting customer engagement and creating memorable brand journeys by leveraging the audience engagement of SMS.

All the building blocks you need

Building beautiful mobile pages to accompany your messages is easy. Simply drag and drop your favourite design elements from our existing collection of building blocks, personalise if you please, then attach it to your outgoing SMS campaign. No coding required.

Less work. More reward.

01Drag it. Drop it. Done.

Our drag-and-drop function makes a designer out of anyone. With a couple of clicks and a few simple design choices, you’ll have your very first Landing Page - ready to engage and persuade your customers.

02Build it. Block by block.

Whether you’re running a special offer, creating a flyer, sending a statement or sharing a product catalogue - we have all the building blocks you need to create your high-converting Landing Page. Drag and drop buttons, call-to-actions, carousals, images, videos and so much more.

03Continue the conversation. Convert.

We live in a mobile world. And with SMS having a 96% open rate, it’s the perfect place to continue the conversation on your Landing Page. Rich and relevant visual content that converts customers.

04Boost customer experience.

Convenience inspires brand affinity. Simpler is always better. Give your customer exactly what they want, when they want it, in the palm of their hand. A memorable customer experience is one without any hassle.

Drive deep engagement with our Landing Page Builder

Creative design templates

Not Feeling Creative? No Problem! Simply select one of our free design templates and watch as your messages come to life. 

Watch now

A new level of engagement

Effective customer engagement is the life force of your business. And adding content-rich Landing Pages to your SMS campaigns takes engagement to a whole new level. An engaged customer not only means improved ROI, but longterm brand loyalty, which is priceless.

Robust tracking & analytics

Our real-time tracking and all-in-one dashboard provides comprehensive analytics on every customer click. Knowing exactly when and who opened your Landing Page provides deep customer insights for fast turnaround strategies and targeted future communication.

It's a game changer

Easy to use.

Our Landing Page Builder is specifically designed to offer maximum return against minimal effort. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to get conversions.

No coding required.

At SMSPortal, you don’t need to be a software developer to build a Landing Page. In fact, there’s absolutely no coding required - thanks to simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Your channel. Your choice.

Send your Landing Pages in the way that suits you best. Whether you’re using our Web Platform or connecting via API - sending your campaigns are always quick and easy.

Turn a regular SMS into a brand experience.

Adding a Landing Page to your SMS campaign turns a 160 character message into an unforgettable brand experience. And a potential customer into a loyal one.

Interested in Landing Pages?

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