Remarketing using trackable shortened URLs.

With character limits on SMS, you need to get your message across in the smartest possible way. Dedicated URL shortening not only frees up space to say more, but allows you to track & collect invaluable customer data - with each and every click. Smart, optimised, trackable engagement.

Increase communication while skyrocketing campaign analytics

No more long URLs. With our simple and highly effective URL shortener, you can enjoy precise tracking of every customer click. This means deeper customer insights and far more targeted engagement.

Make space to connect

You’re limited to 160 characters per SMS. Why make it less with long links? Shortening your URL is the smartest way to say more in a space that is small.

Get to know your customers

Track exactly who clicks on your link. This is data gold – allowing you to follow-up or renegade customers, instantly and effortlessly. Knowing who you’re speaking to means maximised ROI on campaigns.

Five final reasons why

Deeper Insights

Improve turnaround times by knowing exactly which customers engage with your messages - in real time.

Increased ROI

Focus on the customers who really count. Our stats show who’s truly interested in your business,
allowing for targeted engagement and authentic interaction.


Customise your URL to create affinity with your brand and authenticity in your messaging.

Simple setup

Setting up your first Shortened URL is super simple and can be done in a matter of seconds.

Reporting & Analytics

Easily export and analyse your stats to better understand your customers. Learn what makes them tick for long-term, genuine brand loyalty.

Get started for free

In three simple steps you can find out why over 35,000 customers choose SMSPortal as their bulk SMS provider.