Transform your URLs into engagement catalysts.

URL shortening is a smart thing to do. We’ve just made it smarter. Besides keeping your SMSes short and punchy, our short links turn your messages into engagement catalysts - thanks to personalised tracking analytics. Know exactly who clicked and when they clicked - in real-time. Segment your customer base and remarket. Real-time business strategies, at no extra cost.

Track. Analyse. Retarget. Engage.

Were all about short URLs with vast impact. Our simple and highly effective URL shortener allows precise tracking of every individual customer click. This means fully-customisable engagement for deeper customer insights and long-term brand loyalty.

Re-engage those who click. Retarget those who dont.

No two customers are alike. But all customers matter. Harness the ability to track every SMS and its recipient in real-time. Understanding the way each individual engages with your brand provides invaluable insights on how to communicate next.

Comprehensive dashboard for real-time analytics.

Spreadsheets belong in marketing reports. Our all-in-one dashboard tracks and compiles personalised click data as and when it happens. A tailored graph of your selected timeline provides comprehensive visual feedback on your SMS campaign – not only including click totals, but a full breakdown of per number clicks, too.

Download for further analysis.

Your debriefing process is key to future success. And engaging with your campaign results lets you engage even more effectively with your customers in the future. Our download function makes this effortless – packaging all your results in a single document for easy use in marketing reports. 

Capture the value of every link you share

01Know who you’re speaking to.

Create symbiosis between brand and customer with authentic, targeted marketing. Personalised analytics lets you understand who you’re talking to and in turn, offers your customer an interaction tailored to their needs. Send the right message to the right person and ultimately inspire brand loyalty.

02Improve customer experience.

Know who clicked and who didn’t. Then give those who did what they need, exactly when they need it. This not only improves your customer experience, but expedites turnaround times by knowing exactly which customers engage with your messages - in real-time.

03Brand URLs for trust & awareness.

If you’d like to take it up a notch, you may want to think about branding your short URL. Customised, branded links are not only shorter, but easy to remember and reinforces brand awareness. It’s win-win.

04Maximise performance with real-time analytics.

Take the guesswork out of link performance so you can share more of what your audience wants. With comprehensive metrics on every link and campaign, it matters not whether you send 10 or 10 000 URLs - the results are real-time, relevant and ready for retargeting or re-engagement.

One short link - Endless possibilities.

Send at scale. With effortless integration.

Our URL shortener works seamlessly on the very same API or website channels you’ve come to know and love. Simply create your short URL and insert into your next SMS campaign. Easy, time-saving and completely hassle-free.

Simple setup. And it’s free.

Getting started is truly effortless. Setting up your first shortened URL is not only simple, but it's also free. Your very first successful SMS campaign can be initiated in a matter of seconds.

Robust security.

At SMSPortal, you can rest assured knowing your links are safe and secure. Each link created is encrypted with HTTPS to protect both your customers and your SMS campaigns at all times. Secure links are our top priority, always.

Deeper insights with every click.

Our short URL offering is the smartest way to create successful SMS campaigns. With exact click tracking, it allows you to make data-driven decisions on where, when and how to invest your brand’s precious resources.

Frequently asked questions

What is a URL Shortener?

A URL shortener in its simplest form is a tool that transforms your original long URL into a compact shortened link that is easy to insert into your messages and content. When a customer clicks this short URL they are redirected to the original long URL. What makes our short URL that much more powerful is the fact that you have complete control over your campaign by way of precise analytics.

Every customer that receives a short URL and clicks is recorded and this is accessible on your Dashboard for further analysis. This allows for segmentation of your customer base and retargeting by knowing who clicked and who didn’t. URL shorteners give you the ability to monitor your ROI and make educated marketing decisions on your campaigns in real-time.

Benefits of using a URL Shortener

Using a URL shortener means your marketing content is always consistent and your customers become accustomed to seeing and using the same URL format throughout their customer journey with your brand.

More importantly the analytics that come with using a URL shortener mean you as a brand start to better understand your customer, resulting in a better overall customer experience and customer retargeting.

What is a Custom URL Shortener?

A custom, or branded URL shortener, is a method of using your own brand domain, like EXAMPLE.io, in your marketing content instead of using our generic ury.io domain. The benefits of this are that your brand name is always in your messaging, creating trust and affinity with your brand campaigns.

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