Converting on Micro-moments with your SMS messaging strategy

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The pandemic has unravelled the marketer’s playbook to an extent where old conventional tried and tested marketing strategies just don’t cut it anymore. The consumer has changed, they have evolved, and they seek products that make their lives easier. There has never been a more pertinent time to reassess and put SMS Mobile Marketing at the heart of your marketing strategy.

Micro-moments have become the buzz word of the pandemic and gearing your marketing strategy for these moments is paramount to converting customers. 

“A Micro-moment occurs when people reflexively turn to a device—increasingly a smartphone—to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something.”


Consumer intent in these moments is high and expectations higher. SMS marketing is tried and tested, but customers expect you to know exactly what they want! An SMS is effective, but an SMS customer journey is revolutionary. Giving your customer the tools in that very micro-moment to execute is what they expect, that is, a frictionless interaction and a completed customer journey.

Micro-moments revolve around the concept of ease of use exactly when your customer needs it.

Case Study:

One of our largest corporate customers have been searching for a way to help their consumers connect with them during Covid-19. 

The Problem: disconnected marketing efforts!

That is, their marketing efforts evoked interest, but gave their consumers no way to act on it without a reasonable amount of effort to find the brand website, browse and then check-out and make a purchase.

SMSPortal with it’s arsenal of products tailored a solution that made converting on their consumer micro-moments possible. An SMS as we are all aware has a 95% read rate, but timing was everything. How would we ensure that a consumer could access their brand at any time.

Landing Pages was our second step, a shortened URL within an SMS meant that their consumers had access to a personalised mobile branded webpage right now, or later depending on their needs. Micro-moments occur as a reflex and often cannot be timed, but our customer journey needed to be ever-ready. 

When the moment was right consumers clicked through from their SMS and browsed their offering. An easy Buy Now call to action and a mobile friendly Check-out was embedded in their page and the rest was history. Consumers could interact and convert when the time suited them, but we were ready when they were.

The Outcome: We made their consumers’ lives easier and dramatically increased customer conversions.

“75% of mobile interactions are micro-moments.”


Brands should be ready when their customers are, and a mobile first SMS customer journey is a good place to start!

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