Landing Pages – the future of mobile engagement

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Covid-19 has forced the world to reassess customer engagement and amplified the need for an ever wider digital adoption. Simply put, the way we engage with our customers’ needs to continue to evolve to suit a low or zero-touch economy. Africa has surged forward as forecasted smartphone adoption looks to reach over 60% by 2025.

Landing Pages from SMSPortal allows you to layer engagement by hitting the sweet spot between SMSes reachability, connectivity and engagement, augmented with mobile device optimized web pages, creating deeper customer journeys and more visual engagement. 

What are Landing Pages?

A Landing Page is a mobile optimised webpage that gets added to your SMS message, adding personalised visual content to your message and boosting customer engagement.

The easy to use drag and drop functionality allows anyone to create beautiful eye-catching Landing Pages to accompany their marketing campaigns.

Accelerated shift towards a more digital world!

A study by the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) about the long-term effects of COVID-19 on consumer behaviour indicates a substantial shift toward digital adoption in overall consumer behaviour. 

The study underlines SMSPortal’s own findings in our markets – which amplifies requirements for businesses to engage on a medium that suites their customers best. In mobile dominated markets like those found in Southern Africa, the primary point of contact for consumers remains mobile devices. 

Landing Pages offers versatility in simplicity.

With a simple drag and drop editor and easy to use building blocks, marketers become designers and engagement specialists. The versatility of Landing Pages means brands can create marketing campaigns that mesh perfectly with their brand and in the process get full tracking and analytics to analyse return on investment, time to consumer engagement and user behaviour. 

The key to Landing Pages is mobile optimized content, coupled with the unparalleled reach of SMS to create an engagement experience that cannot be rivaled in mobile dominated markets. With Landing Pages zero cost and the cost effectiveness of SMS, businesses can begin to test and tailor content to find their marketing mix in time to move with the market shift. 

Start building today!

Landing Pages comes at no additional cost to your existing SMS pricing. Simply login, open Landing Pages, drag and drop your beautiful content and send your first test message.

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