Bulk SMS

Reach millions of customers with personalised engagement.

Get the right message across with SMS. Connect with customers on a personal level - any time, anywhere in the world, exactly when they need it. Interact, transact and drive deeper engagement from one convenient platform.

What makes our API a cut above the rest?

It’s powerful and incredibly simple to use. Whether you opt for a programmatic approach or log in through our website, the result is always the same: a reliable and robust platform that engages, connects and provides your customers with vital information – all from within your very own system.

API setup in seconds

SMSPortal’s API is designed to make setup simple – thanks to extensive and meticulous documentation. Free test credits help ensure that your setup is bulletproof. And once complete, your sending efforts are scalable and ready for action.

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Instant 1:1 engagement

Activate simple, 2-way communication to create contextually-relevant customer interaction. SMS is instant. And so should be your response. The result? Instant customer satisfaction and long-term brand loyalty.

Revolutionise your marketing strategy by
leveraging the power of SMS.

01Gain immediate attention in the most reliable way

With a read rate of 98% and in most cases upon receipt, SMS remains the channel of choice to reach customers impactfully and in real-time.

02All the features. One convenient platform.

An innovative and inclusive conversation platform that allows you to send, manage and analyse your communication - all through a single, easy-to-use portal.

035.3 billion people in the world have mobile phones

Which makes SMS an incredibly powerful channel to communicate with your customers - no matter where they are in the world or what kind of device they’re using. No smart phone? No problem.

04Interact on a personal level

Happy customers are your best form of advertising. Elevate their experience and improve ROI with personalised messages that show them you care.

05The back and forth that works

Make use of reply rules on your campaigns to create immediate 2-way conversations with your audience. Instant gratification for them and long-term customer loyalty for you.

06Send bulk SMS the way that suits you best

Choose from a number of programmable API methods or log in on our website to start talking and engaging with your customers. Our platform, on your terms.

07Analytics and reporting to back it all up

Understand your customer engagement with analytics and reporting data designed to maximise ROI.

“Omnipresent, real-time and ease of simplicity. We’re yet to witness a 2-way communication channel that beats the power and reliability of SMS “

Bulk SMS pricing

Thanks to the unrivalled proven return on Bulk SMS and the low cost per SMS, Bulk SMS is a cost-effective way to reach wide audiences. Each SMS credit represents one SMS of up to 160 characters. Prices exclude VAT.
500  - 1000
1001  - 5000
5001  - 10 000
10 001  - 50 000
50 001  - 250 000
250 001  - 500 000
Contact Us 500 000+
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