Transactional, Promotional, and Conversational SMS: Which one to use and when?

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Transactional, Promotional, and Conversational SMS: Which one to use and when to create loyal repeat customers.

SMS has become the staple for brands wanting to reach their audience at the perfect moment, but not all SMSes are the same. One SMS sells, another relays important information, and the other checks in and makes sure you’re still happy with your product or service. Knowing how and when to use the different types of SMS – Transactional, Promotional and Conversational SMS, is what creates loyal repeat customers.

bank sending a transactional sms to its banking customer along with a unique OTP code

Transactional SMS keeps your customers in the loop.

Transactional messages are your go-to for sharing important information with your customers. These messages usually get sent out automatically after a customer does something, like making a purchase. Think order confirmations, delivery updates, and password resets.

When to use Transactional SMS:

  • Right after someone makes a purchase.
  • To confirm appointments or reservations.
  • For sending out important alerts or notifications after they trigger an action.

Why they’re great:

  • Extremely high open rates, because the information is super relevant.
  • Helps build trust by keeping customers informed and up-to-date.
segmentation sms for a promotion running at a clothing brand for 50% off

Promotional SMS boosts sales and engagement.

Promotional messages are all about getting customers informed about your products, services, or special deals. These are perfect for driving sales and creating excitement around discounts or limited-time offers.

When to use Promotional SMS:

  • During holiday sales or special promotions.
  • To announce new product launches.
  • To send exclusive discounts to your SMS subscribers.

Why they’re great:

  • Directly drives sales and boosts customer engagement.
  • Creates a sense of urgency and excitement among your customers.
image of SMS automation for a conversational SMS flow about home and insurance cover

Conversational SMS builds a stronger relationship with your customers.

Conversational messages are more about creating a two-way dialogue with your customers. These are ideal for customer support, gathering feedback, and building more personal relationships.

When to use Conversational SMS:

  • For handling customer support queries.
  • To collect feedback through surveys.
  • To send personalized messages on special occasions like birthdays.

Why they’re great:

  • Helps build strong, personalized relationships with your customers.
  • Provides valuable insights and feedback from your audience.

Putting it all together…

A great SMS marketing strategy should use all three types of messages. By understanding when and how to use each type, you can ensure your customer journey engages your audience through every step of the journey.

SMS lets you as a brand engage at various stages of the customer journey with the right type of messaging. And in the end, creating loyal, long term repeat customers.

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