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When it comes to marketing, every brand, every strategy and every SMS has its own greater goal. Be it brand building, increasing the bottom line or merely engaging on a transactional level with customers. What all of these have in common is that that they need to be measured and tracked to truly maximise the performance of their campaigns.

URL Shortening is not something new, and tracking performance through the number clicks VS the number of recipients (Click through rate) in your campaign has become the staple for all marketing strategies. This metric is great for measuring performance, but once we know that a sizeable target audience has engaged with our marketing efforts, how do we now identify who this user is with a Clicks metric that cannot identify the specific user?

Enter URY, SMSPortal’s URL shortener with its added power to identify your exact target audience according to exactly who has engaged with your URL. This seems like no great feat, but when it comes to SMS marketing campaigns and sharing URLs, it is essential that you track and remarket to your “interested” group of consumers. SMSPortal’s URL shortener puts this power into your hands

Remarketing to your target audience using URL tracking

To better understand the power of URL tracking and remarketing, take this example into consideration. Company ABC engages with their customers on a regular basis with new special offers for their customers. They engage through a call centre to get their users that are interested signed up and help them through this process. Using SMSPortal’s URL shortener Company ABC sends their customer base an SMS with their special offer requesting them to click the shortened URL should they wish to read more about his offer.

Using the power of exact user URL tracking, Company ABC can now engage with an exact user-base that is interested in their special offer, rather than cold calling uninterested customers and possibly upsetting them in the process. 

Company ABC reported a 10 times increase in ROI for this marketing campaign and found that their customer experience sky rocketed in the process.

How exact URY tracking is different to other URL shorteners?

URY reports on exactly who clicked your URL shortener and when. The BONUS is that this is integrated into your SMS campaigns with no additional integration or costs. Other URL shorteners, group your clicks as a collective total without being able to narrow down your target audience, unless users undergo a lengthy integration process.

Without URY, URL shortening is just another metric measuring performance without any remarketing capabilities and in the end, a difficult way to find your truly interested customers and focus your targeting.

Conclusion to URL Shortening

URL shortening has become ubiquitous with SMS marketing in general, but with businesses having limited time and resources, it is paramount that we can focus our attention on leads that can maximise ROI. URL tracking and remarketing using URY puts that power in the palm of your hand.

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