Reinventing your 2022 messaging campaign with a better customer experience

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As we move into the “New Normal” of living with Covid-19, consumers have adapted, and we too as marketers should evolve our content to stay relevant and keep up with the times. 2022 holds two fundamental concepts that any marketing campaign should conform to, ensuring that our customers get the most value out of our brands.

1. Understanding your customer

2022 brings with it a flooded marketing environment that has consumers trying to filter through the noise of brands trying to compete for their attention.

Knowing your customer allows you to create targeted engagements with them on brand opportunities that you believe they need. In turn this creates a mutually beneficial exchange for brand and customer and ultimately builds trust and strong affinity towards your brand.

Affinity can be achieved simply by segmenting your customer base according to who engages with your campaign and who does not. URL Shorteners are a great example of segmenting based on click engagement. By tracking customers that engage with messaging campaigns on certain product offerings, we can group and segment an audience that can be retargeted with personalised content that we already know they like and are interested in.

The end result is brand activation where a customer becomes accustomed to receiving engaging personalised content from your brand, creating exponentially higher conversion rates.

2. Using a mobile first strategy to improve customer experiences

Delivering engaging content to the right customer is only the first piece of the puzzle, the second, is a seamless path to completing their transaction with you. In a previous Insights Article on Micro-Moments we discussed the importance of being ready when our customers are, and a mobile first strategy is paramount in making your customers micro-moments an opportunity for them to convert on your offer.

Looking at a customer journey, friction refers to anything that stops a customer from discovering, researching and buying your products. And a mobile first strategy should mean that your customer can move freely from the initial messaging engagement on their mobile all the way to making a purchase and checking-out while still in that very micro-moment on their mobile phone. Anything interfering with your customers’ ability to complete a transaction, such as a website that does not cater for mobile users, could disengage your customers’ from following through on your offer, and potentially lead to an opportunity lost.

Micro-moments make up 75% of all mobile interactions. This means that once a customer receiving your SMS campaign decides to click through and explore your offering, make it frictionless!

The overall customer experience hinges on your brands ability to give their customers only the content they want to receive, and then being ready for them to convert when the time is right, all from the comfort of their mobile phone.

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